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Blue Chroma Plaque Small

Artwork layout proofs will be provided for final customer approval. No limit on corrections.


Brand new to the awards/recognition industry, these plaque are sure to add an attention-grabbing flair to any tabletop! Stylishly colored in 3 options, with an included pole to support itself either vertically or horizontally. These pieces look fantastic laser engraved or sandblasted, and would make a perfect gift in any setting. Great to use for advertisement, gifts, or awards ceremonies. *Gift box included

Material: Jade Glass

Jade glass is easily identified by its soft green tint and is very common among glass varieties. Jade glass has a higher percentage of iron ore which give it the bluish-green tint. Jade glass is harder than crystal, and has been used in the awards industry for decades. 

Engraving method: Sand Carving

Sand carving is the process of using compressed air to force a very fine abrasive to remove the surface of the material. Using a special film printed with the design. The surface of the material is carved deeper the longer it remains exposed to the pressurized abrasive. Versatility and superior end results are the primary reasons for choosing this method of engraving glass and crystal products.

With sand carving, an artisan can achieve just about any look you want. Whether it is a lightly frosted image, or deeply carved designs. Sand carving is the industries premier method for engraving glass and crystal because of its very smooth, crisp lines, and it does not fracture the glass like other engraving methods which can result in chips or cracks along the edges of the engraving. Three dimensional effects can also be created using a process called stage carving. Each stage progressively becomes deeper.

Dimensions:  5"H x 7"W x 3/16"D

Maximum area to engrave: 4-1/2" x 6"

An artwork layout proof will be emailed to you for approval before the award is engraved.

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All awards include engraving of your text and logo. Please see the Policies page for font, graphic, and logo requirements.

To obtain a quote for quantity pricing. Click on ContactUs and provide the SKU numbers, and the amount of product for each SKU number you would like to purchase. We will respond with a quote within 1 – 3 business days. If there is a rush on your order. Please let us know that in your message.

Custom Engraving Studio offers a wide variety of high quality crystal and glass awards for any occasion and for any budget. Our talented artisans can turn ordinary gift and recognition products in to stunning one-of-a-kind heirlooms to be treasured for a lifetime. After you pick your award, we’ll help you determine the best design based on the artwork and text you provided, and the image area the award offers.

Reward and celebrate perfect attendance, attending important meetings, seminars, webinars, or participating in industry events. Sometimes your staff must make business trips, and they are willing and motivated to leave their homes and family to make sure that business continues without interruption. Often for weeks, or occasionally months at a time. Recognizing these dedicated individuals for their commitment to the organizations success reinforces this behavior to all the staff members on your team.

Although most employee recognition awards typically honor high sales, or exceeding goals. This year you should also recognize individuals who have remained engaged and put in an extra effort to get the things that need to be done, done. A perfect attendance award means more than a healthy immune system. These individuals have displayed exceptional commitment and dedication to their responsibilities, and the organizations success. You can count on these individuals to be there, ready, and willing to get the job done. Whenever, and wherever it is required.

Attendance awards are a great way to fill the gaps from the traditional annual, or semi-annual awards given out at sales, leadership, and management events. Clients have used a wide variety of glass awards, plaques, and personalized gift ideas for these types of awards.


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